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Начало Учебници Dental Materials Science: Lectures & Laboratory Classes Notes. Part 2

Dental Materials Science: Lectures & Laboratory Classes Notes. Part 2

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Author: Tsanka Dikova
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    Varna Medical University Press
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Детайлно описание

This is the new edition of the second part of the English language edition designed for first-year students majoring in “Dental Medicine”.

The book includes two main sections – "Lecture notes" and "Laboratory classes reports". Information concerning the structure and properties of the dental materials is published in the first section where theory and practice are skillfully combined. The second section presents graphically separate laboratory classes reports which are included in the curriculum. They are designed for the students' self-study and to facilitate their learning at the Faculty of Dental Medicine and at home.



Program of Dental Materials Science, IInd semester


Dental Materials Science, Lectures Notes, IInd semester

Lecture 8: Mechanical and heat treatment of dental alloys. Corrosion of dental


Lecture 9: Dental porcelain. Metal Ceramic. Artificial teeth

Lecture 10: Dental polymmers

Lecture 11: Impression materials

Lecture 12: Dental cements

Lecture 13: Dental composites. Dental amalgams

Lecture 14: Investment and abrasive materials. Fluxes. Chemical and electro-

chemical cleaning of matherials. Waxes

Chapter 2

Dental Materials Science, Laboratory classes reports, IInd semester

Report, Laboratory class 1: Dental laboratory

Report, Laboratory class 2: Dental porcelain

Report, Laboratory class 3: Dental polymers

Report, Laboratory class 4: Impression materials

Report, Laboratory class 5: Dental cements

Report, Laboratory class 6: Composite materials and dental amalgams


Revew, Prof. Angelina Kiselova-Yaneva, MD, PhD, DSc