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Начало Учебници Professional communication in English: medicine

Professional communication in English: medicine

Цена: 32.00лв.
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Author: Ilina Doykova

  • Година на издаване:
  • Издателство:
    Varna Medical University Press
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Детайлно описание

English for Professional Communication: Medicine is a revised second edition of the student book with the same title, issued in 2022 by Varna Medical University Press. It is aimed at teaching English for specific purposes in various fields of healthcare. Serving as a continuation of the principles, structure, and methodology established by English for Medicine (2009), it responds to the rapid evolution of medical science, the integration of novel pedagogical technologies, and online resources. These factors have given rise to a new breed of learners and heightened demand for specialized language instructors and teaching approaches.


The extensive professional teaching background, along with her creativity, enabled Ilina Doykova to accurately identify the necessity for an update and explore new subjects, consulting a multitude of resources and cultivating comprehensive linguistic content. The author effectively incorporates the most important aspects of medical communication and terminology into authentic texts and contexts by crafting exercises that introduce, reinforce, and solidify specialized high-frequency vocabulary as well as lexical and grammatical patterns.


The textbook is thoughtfully organized into eight units, centered around medical systems and conditions, while nurturing essential academic skills such as reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The exercises are diversified, pragmatic in nature, and meticulously graded throughout the book. They are designed not only to encourage classroom interactions but also to foster learner autonomy. Through consistent exposure to real-world tasks and professional scenarios, students actively engage in various meaningful exchanges.


English for Professional Communication: Medicine targets second-year medical students with a minimum English language proficiency level of B2. Nonetheless, it holds value for researchers, PhD candidates, and medical practitioners as a comprehensive reference guide and pragmatic skill-building course. By enhancing their communicative prowess, the textbook boosts potential career prospects and personal growth.





Chapter 1: Musculoskeletal health

Chapter 2: Gastrointestinal health and nutrition

Chapter 3: Respiratory health

Chapter 4: Cardiovascular health

Chapter 5: Genitourinary health

Chapter 6: Immunity care

Chapter 7: Endocrinology care

Chapter 8: Neurology care

Appendix I

Appendix II

Appendix III