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Начало Ръководства A Handbook Of Biochemistry For Medical Students. Review Study Questions and Laboratory Manuals – A Clinical Approach

A Handbook Of Biochemistry For Medical Students. Review Study Questions and Laboratory Manuals – A Clinical Approach

Цена: 16.00лв.
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    0.458 кг
Authors: Diana Ivanova, Yoana Kiselova-Kaneva, Bistra Galunska, Milka Nashar, Deyana Vankova
  • Година на издаване:
  • Издателство:
    Медицински университет - Варна
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Детайлно описание

Second Edition

Biochemistry courses provide students the knowledge and skills needed for future professional career in medicine and for research in the biotechnological and pharmaceutical industry.

The purpose of A Handbook of Biochemistry. Review Study Questions and Laboratory Manuals - A Clinical Approach is to serve as a resource to enhance student learning of theories, techniques, and methodologies practiced during biochemistry teaching and in the research laboratory.



Safety rules in the biochemistry laboratory

Seminar “Amino acids”: Proteinogenic amino acids

Seminar “Proteins І”: Structure and function of proteins

Seminar “Proteins ІІ”: Globular and fibrous proteins

Practical works: Proteins

Determination of the isoelectric point (pI) of casein

Determination of hemoglobin concentration by Drabkin’s reagent

Seminar “Enzymes I”: Enzymes as biocatalysts. Nomenclature and classification. izoenzymes. Water soluble vitamins as cofactors. Kinetics of enzyme action.

Seminar “Enzymes IІ”: Regulation of the enzyme activity. Reversible and irreversible inhibition of enzymes. Allosteric enzymes. Constitutive and inducible enzymes.

Practical works: Enzymes

Determination the absolute specificity of urease

Calculation of Km and Vmax by Lineweaver-Burke method

Seminar “Bioenergetics І”: Macroergic compounds. Biological oxidation. Oxidative phosphorilation. Structure of the respiratory chain

Seminar “Bioenergetics ІІ”: Short electron-transport chains. Free-radical oxidation and antioxidant defence

Practical works: Bioenergetics

Detection of cytochrome c oxidase and peroxidase in muscle tissue

Quantitative determination of total polyphenol content in plant extracts by Folin-Ciocalteu method

Seminar “Metabolism of carbohydrates І”: Digestion of carbohydrates. Transport of monosaccharides in cells. Glycolysis

Seminar “Metabolism of carbohydrates ІІ”: Degradation of pyruvate. Tricarboxylic acid cycle. Pentose phosphate Pathway

Seminar “Metabolism of carbohydrates ІII”: Gluconeogenesis. Glycogenesis. Glycogenolysis

Seminar “Metabolism of carbohydrates” ІV: Metabolism of mannose, fructose, galactose and lactose

Seminar “Metabolism of carbohydrates V”: Glycosaminoglycans. Glycoproteins

Seminar “Metabolism of carbohydrates VI”: Summary on carbohydrates metabolism

Practical works: Metabolism of carbohydrates

Alcoholic fermentation

Blood glucose curves of a healthy individual and a patient with type 1 diabetes

Determination of fructose in urine by Seliwanoff’s reagent

Seminar “Metabolism of lipids I”: Dietary lipiids digestion. Transport of exogenous lipids

Seminar “Metabolism of lipids II”: Lipolysis. Degradation of even and odd numbered fatty acids. Synthesis and use of ketone bodies

Seminar “Metabolism of lipids III”: Biosynthesis of fatty acids and triacylglycerols. Endogenous lipids in plasma

Seminar “Metabolism of lipids IV”: Biosynthesis of cholesterol, bile acids and bile salts. Cholesterol Transport in blood – role of HDL and LDL

Seminar “Metabolism of lipids V”: Complex lipids and eicosanoids

Practical works: Metabolism of lipids

Urine reagent strip test for ketone bodies

Quantative determination of triacylglycerols in serum

Quantative determination of total cholesterol in serum

Seminar “Metabolism of amino acids I”: Digestion of dietary proteins. Transamination of amino acids. Oxidative and nonoxidative deamination of amino acids

Practical work: Metabolism of amino acids

Quantitative determination of alanineaminotransferase (ALT) in serum

Seminar “Metabolism of porphyrins”: Heme biosynthesis and degradation. Porphyrias. Hyperbilirubinemias. Iron metabolism.

Practical work: Metabolism of porphyrins

Quantitative determination of total and direct bilirubin in serum

Seminar “Metabolism of nucleotides ІІ”: Biosynthesis and degradation of pyrimidine nucleotides. Biosynthesis of desoxyribonucleotides

Practical work: Metabolism of nucleotides

Determination of uric acid content in serum

Seminar “Nutrition and metabolism of xenobiotics”: Metabolism of xenobiotics and endobiotics. Nutrition

Seminar “Calcium metabolism”: hormones that regulate calcium and phosphate metabolism

Seminar “Intercellular signaling I”: General principles of intercellular signaling. Intracellular receptors. Receptors – ion channels

Seminar “Intercellular signaling II”: G-proteiN coupled receptors. With intrinsic enzimatic activity

Seminar “Molecular biology”: replication, transcription, translation. Cycle regulation. Oncogenes and tumor-suppressor genes. Regulation of gene expression

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