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Начало Учебници Introduction to Latin and Medical Terminology for Students of Medicine and Dental Medicine

Introduction to Latin and Medical Terminology for Students of Medicine and Dental Medicine

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Автор: Иванка Икономова
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Детайлно описание

This book is both a textbook and a workbook suitable for students of medicine and dental medicine who need a basic knowledge of Latin language for medical purposes.

The second edition, issued in 2015 is expanded and improved with extra activities.

Scientific communication in the field of law, philosophy, and medicine requires the use of special terminology in order to express clearly and precisely the case being discussed. Therefore, a book like this may improve the communication between doctors, nurses, and medical care staff in order to provide the necessary treatment for a patient.

In the 140-page book the author Ivana Ikonomova introduces essential Latin terminology. Here is the upgraded table of contents of the second edition from 2015:

  1.        Lingua Latina. The Latin Language
  2.        Alphabetum et pronunciatio. Alphabet and pronunciation
  3.        Syllabae et accentus. Syllabification and accentuation
  4.        Nomina substantive. Nouns
  5.        Declinationes Latinae. Latin declensions
  6.        Declinatio prima. First declension
  7.        Noun-adjective agreement in Latin. Agreed attributes
  8.        Attributive/adnominal genitives. Non-agreed attributes
  9.        Word formation in medical terminology
  10.    Declinatio secunda. Second declension
  11.    Adiectiva declinationis I et II. Adjectives of the first and second declension
  12.    Declinatio tertia. Third declension
  13.    Declinatio tertia consonans. Third consonant declension
  14.    Declinatio tertia vocalis. Third vocal declension (i-stems)
  15.    Declinatio tertia mixta. Third mixed declension (mixed stems)
  16.    Adiectiva declinationis tertiae. Adjectives of the third declension
  17.    Participium praesentis active. Present participle
  18.    Declinatio quarta. Fourth declension
  19.    Declination quinta. Fifth declension
  20.    Gradus comparationis. Comparatives and superlatives
  21.    Declinationes Craecae. Greek declensions in Latin
  22.    General rules in the Latin declensions
  23.    Praepositiones. Prepositions
  24.    Terminoelementa Graeca – repetition. Greek combining forms – revision
  25.    Diagnoses
  26.    Hippocratis iusuirandum
  27.    Hippocratic oath
  28.    Gaudeamus igitur
  29.    Appendix I – Prefixes and suffixes in word formation
  30.    Appendix II – Verbum. Verb
  31.    Latin-English glossary

How to cite:

Ikonomova, Iv. Introduction to Latin and Medical Terminology for Students of Medicine and Dental Medicine. Varna, STENO, 2015. 140 p.