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Начало Монографии Recent Advances in the Prevention of Ischemic Stroke

Recent Advances in the Prevention of Ischemic Stroke

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Автор: Даниела Арабаджиева
  • Година на издаване:
  • Издателство:
    Varna Medical University Press
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Детайлно описание

The monograph represents a truly scientific and up-to-date manual for neurologists, cardiologists, radiologists, general practitioners, postgraduate students, and medical students.

The monograph is dedicated to the modern aspects of the primary and secondary prevention of this common and severe disease of rising socio-medical significance worldwide and in Bulgaria as well. The monograph contains 18 chapters. They cover a broad spectrum of essential components of this paradigm beginning with the social epidemiology, genetic and familial predisposition and ending with the promising perspectives for ischemic stroke prevention. It is noteworthy that there is a tendency towards increasing incidence, prevalence and mortality rates among younger patients and children. A substantial component of the monograph illustrates the authors own clinical experience with primary prevention of ischemic stroke reflected in several English-language publications. Dr. Daniela Arabadzhieva successfully attempts to prove the diagnostic significance of the examinations of a variety of parameters of the lipid, glucose and protein metabolism as well as of the role of the comorbidity of nine common cardiovascular diseases and pathological conditions in a relatively large sample of adult patients with acute ischemic stroke. The actual issues of the modern secondary prevention and early rehabilitation of ischemic stroke patients are concisely presented.

How to cite:

Arabadzhieva D. Recent Advances in the Prevention of Ischemic Stroke. Varna: Medical University of Varna, 2015.