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Начало Монографии Recent Advances In Breast Cancer Immunohistochemistry Research

Recent Advances In Breast Cancer Immunohistochemistry Research

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Author: Galina Alexieva Yaneva

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    Varna Medical University Press
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Детайлно описание

The monograph ‘Recent advances in breast cancer immunohistochemistry research’ authored by Dr. Galina Yaneva, PhD, addresses a series of actual aspects of the contemporary early diagnosis of breast cancer by conventional and novel immunohistochemical and related imaging methods.

The book contains an introduction, seven chapters, 16 subchapters and a conclusion. There are a total of 342 references of publications, most of which (88,01%) have been published in 2021 only. This circumstance indicates the comprehensive coverage of the newest scientific achievements published in this narrow interdisciplinary field.