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Home Anniversary editions Treasures of Bulgaria

Treasures of Bulgaria

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Author: Petar Konstantinov
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Detailed description

Treasures of Bulgaria presents a comprehensive survey of the arts, architecture and archaeological heritage in the Bulgarian lands and provides an insight into the unique atmosphere and spirit of the National Revival period in some of the most beautiful spots in Bulgaria.

This is a picturesque journey which starts from the imposing architectural complex and century-old treasures of Rila Monastery and, taking the reader through the millennial ruins of antique cities, the riches of monasteries, churches, museums, art galleries, private collections, ethnographical and natural reserves, scattered throughout the country, ends in the capital city of Sofia and its environs, a precious repository of much that inspired and talented artists and handicraftsmen have created in the course of centuries.

The writer Peter Konstantinov has graduated in medicine and political economy. Having devoted more than four decades to the study of Bulgarian and European art and culture, he is also the author of over thirty books of belles letters: novels, novelettes, short stories and collections thereof, as well writings on art criticism and current public issues.

How to cite:

Konstantinov, P. Treasures of Bulgaria. Sofia: Lyuborodie, 2001. 251 p.