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Protection of Personal Information. Confidentiality Policy

The Online Bookstore of the Medical University of Varna collects and process the personal information, submitted by the CUSTOMERS, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. The personal information is used to receive and fulfil orders, to supply information in the form of databases and to contact the customers in cases of problems in regard to the order. Personal information (Name, Address, Phone, E-mail) can be sent to the delivery company so that they would be able to deliver the order to the CUSTOMER.

The Varna Medical University Press does NOT collect personal information such as Personal Identification Number, ID card number and other personal documents. The collected personal information – names, valid addresses, phone numbers, emails – are needed for the registration process at the Online Bookstore of the Medical University of Varna and in order to establish business-related communications.

Personal information will not be given, in any form, to third parties and it will not be used for purposes, different from the aforementioned. All personal information can be deleted from the database of the Online Bookstore at any moment at the request of the CUSTOMER.

According to the Personal Information Protection Act, the CUSTOMER has the right to have access to their own personal information, submitted or available to the Online Bookstore, as well as to edit this information.

The Online Bookstore does NOT send the registered users unsolicited messages. If the CUSTOMER would like to receive newsletters, information and advertising materials, they have to specifically mention this during the process of registration.

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