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Home Textbooks Professional Communication In English: Medicine

Professional Communication In English: Medicine

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Author: Ilina Doykova

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    Medical University of Varna
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Detailed description

“English for Professional Communication: Medicine” is the first of the series for teaching English for specific purposes in various fields of healthcare. The textbook may be looked at as a manifestation of the deep tradition and commitment to English language training at the Medical University of Varna and a continuation of the concept, structure and methodology underlying “English for Medicine” (2009). It may also be viewed as a response to the fast advancement of medical science, the integration of new teaching technologies and online resources, which brought about the emergence of a new type of student and increased the demand for a new type of a specific language teacher and teaching process.

The textbook is structured around eight units, focusing on medical systems and conditions and developing the key academic skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking. The tasks are varied, practically oriented and carefully graded throughout the textbook. They are aimed at stimulating interaction in the classroom but also at developing the learners’ autonomy. While being consistently exposed to learning through real-life tasks and professional situations, students are involved in various meaningful interactions.

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