About Varna Medical University Press

Varna Medical University PRESS


Publishing started as soon as the Higher Medical Institute of Varna was established in 1961 in order to provide textbooks for the training process. In 1962 the scietific journal Annual Scientific Papers of the Higher Medical Institute of Varna" (since 1966 - Scripta Scientifica Medica).

In 1972 an offset printing estblishment was created. It allowed the management of own production and supported the increasing need for scientific literature and textbooks. Specialists were employed - a printer and two bookbinders.

In 2013 Varna Medical University Press became an independent structure with a team of editors and specialists in the field of design, pre-press and printing. It has a printing establishment for digital and offset printing, three physical bookstores and an online one.


The mission of Varna Medical University Press is to satisfy the need for quality and up-to-date editions, needed for the training of highly qualified medical and management professionals in the healthcare and social field, and to support the education and research activities by using modern publishing technologies and practices.

The mission of Varna Medical University Press includes:

♦ providing for the training process, for the purpose of which it publishes up-to-date textbooks, handbooks, reference books and other informative literature in Bulgarian and English;

♦ supporting scientific research by publishing scientific and habilitation works as well as the journals Scripta Scientifica Medica, Scripta Scientifica Medicinae Dentalis, Scripta Scientifica Pharmaceutica, Scripta Scientifica Salutis Publicae, Scripta Scientifica Vox Studentium, Varna Medical Forum;

♦ providing the materials needed for the education, application, scientific, official and general activities of the University;

♦ fully informing and facilitating the users by the creation and maintenance of an own website, online bookstore, online platform for scientific journals and online platform for scientific conferences.