Vankov's Anatomy. Central Nervous System
  • Vankov's Anatomy. Central Nervous System

Vankov's Anatomy. Central Nervous System

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The book is intended to be used primarily by students who study medicine or dentistry in English at Bulgarian Medical Schools.

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The book provides essential and contemporary data about the anatomy of the human central nervous system, as well as basic aspects of neurophysiology and clinical correlations. This creates a solid foundation for further studies of neurology and neuroscience. The scope of the material covered in it is conformed to the curriculum traditionally taught in Bulgarian Medical Schools.

In honour of Prof. V. Vankov, founder and long-time head of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology in Medical University of Varna, this book appears under the title "Vankov's Anatomy".




I. Spinal Cord

II. Medulla Oblongata

III. Pons

IV. Midbrain

V. Cerebellum

VI. Reticular Formation

VII. Diencephalon

VIII. Telencephalon

IX. Rhinecephalon

X. Limbic System

XI. Meninges of the Brain

XII. Vascularization of the Brain

XIII. Structure of the Cerebral Cortex

XIV. Localization of Functions in the Cerebral Cortex

XV. Sensory Systems

XVI. Motor Systems

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Мария Ванкова
Година на издаване
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Vankova M. Vankov's Anatomy. Central Nervous System. 3 ed. Varna: STENO; 2017.